Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fountain Square

When I describe where we live, I always say "Do you know where Fountain Square is? Well, we don't live there, but we live right over the highway in Fletcher Place." I guess I don't want people thinking we live in the ghetto. But I should really be ashamed of my betrayal because Fountain Square is always faithful to provide good food, great art, a friendly library, locally brewed drinks, and loads of culture (hence the cultural trail is being poured as we speak). We headed there on Saturday for their annual arts parade. Fountain Square, pleas accept my apologies.

Schroeder ate his bowl of oatmeal and was hungry for more, but it was already 10 o'clock and lunch was right around the corner so mommy said no. He accepted my answer and sweetly started to help Maggie eat her bowl of oatmeal.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

We've always said that D'arcy is our little lawyer, and from a young age, we've been convinced that Julian WAS NOT intended for that profession.

Me: Julian, we talked about flushing items, besides excrement, down the toilet. (Yes, he previously flushed a pearl necklace of D'arcy's down the toilet. And, yet, he can't seem to flush after he pees.) Why did you flush D'arcy's money down the toilet?

I was expecting him to either shrug or come up with some excuse for why flushing it down the toilet was the proper thing to do. That's what D'arcy would do.

Julian: Because I was mad that D'arcy can buy more things than me.

This type of directness from him ALWAYS catches me off guard and it makes me laugh.

Me: Well, Exactly. I'm glad you are so in tune with your motivations.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stand ↑ 2 Cancer

So there are these videos I've seen on Hulu where Renee Zellweggar, among many other celebrities, encourage you to Stand ↑ to Cancer. Before August 4th, I think I found them barely tolerable mostly because Renee's heavy blink at the end drives me crazy.

But the day I found out that my mom's cancer was worse than we initially expected, and all the hope seemed to be sucked out of the room, this little video started running through my head. Over and over and over until hope started to return.
A bald head isn't a sign of the cancer but a sign of an individual standing up to this disease.