Monday, June 27, 2011

Flower Girl

It's been a long wait, but D'arcy's day finally came. Well, actually, it was Sarah and AJ's day, but it sure was sweet of them to share. She got to dress up. She had her hair and her nails done. She kept lip gloss in her pockets in case the need arose to reapply. She wore high heals. She became one of the girls (sorority girls, bridesmaids, etc, etc). She danced until that hair all came down. Here is my sweet flower girl.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Those Moxley Kids

So last week I was able to share the photo of my newest nephew, and this week I'll get to show you photos of my newest nieces. If you've followed my blog for long, you might know some of my sister's story. If not, there is room to play catch up. I wrote about her in November 2009 when she discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Then I wrote about her in March 2009 when her triplets were born premature. Then when she found out she was pregnant with twins last December I started this photodocumentary.
Connie has been on bedrest since late April when she had a very scary bout of preterm labor at about 28 weeks. Procardia and little movement helped her keep her contractions at bay for six weeks. She's been going in for ultrasounds each week to confirm babies are growing well and her body is staying pregnant. On Thursday, I got a call from her saying that her doctor believed that she needed to deliver the babies today. Eowyn's foot was very close to the cervix. If Connie's water had broken, there was a chance Eowyn's cord could have slipped past the foot and out of the uterus. This is called a cord prolapse and is extremely dangerous. The cord could have become compressed leaving baby Eowyn without any oxygen. Rather than chance this, the doctor decided she would deliver them. Connie was hoping to get to July so that her girls could be as ready for life as possible and was sad to think they would most likely be going into the NICU for some support. But mostly, she was so thankful to meet the little gals who, with there big brother, will make her house wonderfully loud.
Here she as the first nurse tries to get an IV into her. She tried twice before giving up and calling someone who could find a non existent vein.

Doctor said the C section might happen at one thirty.
But it took her a little bit longer than expected.

We sat and waited to hear that babies were strong and able.

Eowyn was 5lbs 9oz. Tessa was 6lbs. Great sizes, but they still needed a little help breathing so Connie had to come back to her room and see her little ones on a camera screen.

They wheeled her by the NICU on the way to postpartum and got a chance to see this perfection.
The NICU nurses gave her a full update. Babies were doing well and now, five days after the birth, have been "unhooked".
Sweet touches...

and a little worry.
But look at these beauties. Welcome Eowyn Grace...
and Tessa Alexandra.
The day they were born was a beautiful one.
And here is the happy big brother.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Piano.

D'arcy is learning to play the piano. We inherited one from her great-grandmother. Sometimes she goes to play on her own accord and sometimes she grumps when I tell her to practice. She always sings when she plays which I love.

In distinct contrast, this is what JuJu was doing in the next room.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Baby Shower

So I mentioned awhile back that my brother and sister-in-law were adopting a baby. Their dossier was submitted in July 2009 and then they waited...and waited. In January, they received what they were waiting for, a email in their inbox asking them if they would like pursue adopting a child named Rogi. They said, Yes! Absolutely! You didn't even have to ask! They've since been accumulating pictures of this little guy, watching him grow via digital cameras. On May 13th, after a long trip (my brother's first trip on an airplane, they arrived in Ethiopia and met their handsome son. They appeared before Ethiopian court who confirmed what had long since been confirmed in their hearts. Then they had to leave him. They are awaiting an embassy date. I have the privilege of accompanying Emily back to Ethiopia to get him.
Today, I hosted a shower to honor her today. Here's the new mommy wearing the dress she got in Ethiopia.

We played Bingo. FYI, if you ever want to create a individualized BINGO game don't make the cards yourself, use this site It saved my life last night at 11pm after returning from the Italian festival. We also had 15 photos of babies in the care house that Rogi currently lives in. Each person needed to determine which 7 were Rogi. It was fun.

Here's my favorite again. Thanks again, Mom, for helping me execute the party.

Oh, and here is the sweet face of one that is not quite like the others but will definitely belong.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Schroeder is two. It's summer time and my required "running around" is substantially less. He has a little sister who wears diapers. These three facts make my eager to get him potty trained.
So, last week (Thursday) I just put him in underwear and started taking him to the potty every twenty minutes. I set a timer for two minutes. He could either get down after he pottyed or after the timer went off, whichever came first. I even took him out without a diaper. We put a trash bag over his car seat. He peed on my sister's carpet, though, which she probably wasn't too thrilled about.
The grandparents had the kids for the weekend, so we took a break. I was at Target on Monday, and bought him some plastic training pants. That way he wouldn't leave as much of a puddle if he peed in public (on my sister's carpet).
Tuesday, I let him go naked. He doesn't love this concept. I can barely make him leave the house without a hat and jacket, he certainly isn't going to leave his bedroom in the morning completely naked. I tricked him by putting a t-shirt on. I thought we were doing well, but then discovered he had peed on the kitchen floor. When he's naked, he can pee and simply walk away. We did have success immediately following nap. If you throw them on the toilet just as they are waking up they are sure to pee. He was at least recognizing the feel.
Yesterday, I decided to put him in underwear and plastic training pants all day. Woke him up and immediately made him sit on the toilet. Nothing. Put his training pants on and within five minutes he ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I go bathroom." He couldn't just walk away from his mess. It was attached to him, trapped in these ridiculous plastic pants. More recognition.
Thursday, Woke up feeling like maybe he isn't quite ready but determined to stick it out for a week to see what happens. A couple of wet underwear. Success again after nap. Another pair of wet underwear. Then, after dinner, he walks up to me and whispers, "Mommy, I need to go bathroom."
Really, kid?
I walk in there saying, "Thanks for telling me." I sit him down. Poop and Pee ensue. I ask him if he is done. He tells me no. He sits there for a couple more minutes and I ask again if he is done. Man, this kid has somehow turned into his dad overnight, spending a good fifteen minutes on the toilet. Next thing I know, he's going to ask me to leave a good book in there for him.
I won't dwell on that, though. What I'm dwelling on is BREAKTHROUGH!
Maybe I'll post a picture of the ridiculous plastic pants tomorrow.

Kids say the darndest things...

It feels like 9 out of 10 "Kids say the darndest things..." post should really be titled "Julian says the darndest things..."

Yesterday, Julian stubbed his toe. He was crying and I said, "Are you ok? Do you need a hug?" He came over for a hug and then informed me that "Are you ok?" was really a silly question because when it hurts you can't answer if you are ok or not. He told me that he can only say he is ok when it stops hurting. Good point. I told him the next time he was hurt I would give him a hug and then tell him to tell me when it stopped hurting. I started going down the stairs. He turned around, began taking his clean clothes out of the basket to put them away and the basket came up and banged him right in the face. Julian let out a wail. Stephen chuckled from the bathroom because neither of us realized how soon we would be able to put our new policy into practice.

Later, we sat down to dinner.
Me: "How was your day at work?" (Talking to Stephen)
Julian: "Did they make you a vice president?"